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Sixth Plate


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THREE GENERATIONS. Grandmother, on the right, and mother sat calmly while the older woman attempted to quiet her screaming grandchild. Her daughter, who is very attractive, posed with a gracefulness infrequently encountered in sixth sized daguerreotypes. Notice the delicate placement of her hands, cleverly arranged across her child’s dress to help hold that part of the outfit and stabilize the kid at the same time. Even with both their efforts, the babe bounced its head and moved an arm. Grandma was still a good-looking woman too. One odd point. Notice how bony and elongated her fingers are as she held her daughter’s offspring. The trio is circled by very ancient oxidation. At the perfect viewing angle, their flesh tones are superb! The retaped keepsake is kept in an intact leather case that is decorated with a floral bouquet.