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Tinted Sixth Plate in a Brady Case


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‘MAY 1845 AHG”. Written upside down on the case pad, that information is certainly correct regarding the date of this lovely sixth plate daguerreotype. The next owner can make up a name for this little chap given the initials. The image comes in a maker marked Brady case (see scan). The dag could certainly be by Mathew Brady as well. The tinting here is superb and really pops at the right angle. The boy is adorable and he must have been so proud of what looked to be the latest fashion of cool pants. He seemed a little wary of the whole process though, despite his confident pose. The dag is resealed with the old glass to preserve the curious number 27 etched in red at the upper left corner. Tarnish edges the plate and there are some brown spots scattered around as well, including one on his cheek.