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Tinted Shoes!


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SHOES FOR THE AGES! One has to wonder if this child became the coolest person during her lifetime among her friends and family BECAUSE an unknown daguerreian realized his sixth plate polishing technique wouldn’t pass muster the day he daguerreotyped the chubby little girl and the only way to make certain mom and dad would be happy was to embellish those shoes and striped socks! He also painted the kid’s necklace bright day-glow red! And touched the tablecloth with crimson color too. I wonder why he didn’t tint his tiny subject’s face better? “Mrs. John A. Clark Bos(ton) Dec 10” was written in the bottom of a later leather case. “No 4” (crossed out) and “5” were also penciled in the same place. I suspect that mother wanted copies of the original, taken circa 1846, made five to eight years later. A clever operator convinced her that a newer leather case would be more appropriate. The SCOVILLS hallmark, the brass mat and protector along with the plate preparation all indicate to me that the resealed object was NOT a copy. I don’t know what caused the pale mark on the tot’s wrist. Teeny mold mites are in a couple places. Pretty patina adds color to the piece. This likeness of the cunning kid actually sparkles in hand.