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Sixth Plate


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IN HER HANDS . . . Was an inlaid mother of pearl case that the daguerreian embellished with red tinting, in hopes of convincing his client to spend a bit more money to acquire it for the completed resealed sixth size likeness. She deferred and had her image, taken in 1857, according to the placard that was adhered to the tablecloth, placed in a complete leather case that had a floral design on both covers. I wonder if the woman was unhappy to have been placed in front of the camera, or was her sour disposition commonplace in her life. The man made every effort to please his patron by adding pigments to all her jewelry and even a bit of rouge to her cheeks. Surely, she must have smiled later? Some oxidation is visible inside the scalloped mat. That wristlet she wore had an uncommon design. The condition of the dag is fine.