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Sixth Plate


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THE LEAN. Or maybe, “the tilt” might be more appropriate. Whatever one’s pleasure is to describe the young woman as she sat stoically for her retaped sixth plate. While her raven tresses caressed her shoulders, the gal placed her hand on top of her arm that was firmly anchored on a blue and red colored tablecloth. I can’t quite decipher the book’s title that served as a large and unnecessary prop, in my humble opinion. Certainly the maker thought to balance his composition, using that tome to equal the weight of the chair back. A slight shift to the left with his camera and voila, the lass would have been the central theme, sans an added adornment. Her body language yells out, “let’s get my portrait done NOW”! The likeness has good contrast and excellent reflected depth. There are a couple scratches on the left side near the mat and heavy buff strokes in several places. Only the bottom of the leather case, impressed with a pair of lilies, remains.