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Sixth Plate


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PINK AND BLUE. I?ve loved this sixth plate dag since my dad owned it years ago. The girls are just so charming. Now that it?s come back to me, I?ve had time to enjoy it and perhaps let it out to the world again. The young ladies sat for a daguerreotypist who just missed the focus on their faces. It is instead super sharp on the checked paisley cloth behind them. That said, their inquisitive features are well defined, as are their dresses and the tinted gold and picked diamond rings on their fingers. Each girl has her hair done in ringlets for the occasion. The image is in very good condition with minor tarnish and a few heavy buff marks. The worst of these shows up on the girl on the right?s face. It is not damage, but an artifact of the plate. The image was resealed by my dad in 2005. The mid 1840s case is whole.