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Sixth Plate


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SCALLOPED VIGNETTE! I like mysterious dags, and the serious gal’s sixth plate rates an A. First the pose. “Sit ramrod straight in that chair Miss and rest your arm on my enormous Bible, as I am a pious traveling daguerreian and couldn’t quite get all the wrinkles out of my well-used cloth hanging behind you.” But as an aside under his breath he whispered, “I’ll convince her those folds is ART!” Yes, where was I he thought . . . “Place your hand across your dainty waist . . .” Oops; he shouldn’t have made that suggestion. Look at the girl’s expression. I wonder if she hissed through her loosely closed lips to take the damn thing or else don’t expect payment! Realizing the error of his ways, at least this time, he assured his young sitter that her likeness would surpass that of all of her friends because he would use a beautiful new technique done in only the finest big city galleries. Well, the blue vignette is impressive even if it is a tad off-center. There is daguerreian frosting in places. The contrast is explosive. Amazing tonality compliments the outstanding reflective depth. The package has been resealed by another hand and there are several teeny bubbles in the glass. (As an aside, if I feel that dags we buy are not in harm’s way after being retaped by others, even if there is dust or other minor flaws, I will offer the pieces as we get them. There just aren’t enough hours in the week to archivally seal them all). Rich patina and one mat scrape on the right side are on the crisp surface. The over flowing floral motif on both sides of the separated leather case is common.