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Hand Tinted Symmetry Sixth Plate Daguerreotype


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ALMOST SYMMETRICAL! Was the daguerreian artist anticipating the results of his magnificent sixth plate portrait prior to even meeting the youngster or was he so impressed by her charm and demeanor that he decided to create a masterwork on the spot, so to speak? The boldly pattern fabric on his Victorian couch complimented the plainness of the child’s frilly ruffled dress that was delicately hand colored with shades of red and pink. He added blue to that plaid apron and then placed gold on all her jewelry. The boldness of the V-shaped red necklace attached to the subject’s signet, guides our gaze upwards into her soulful and dignified brown eyes surrounded by a sea of pale flesh that also received added pigments. She had a long slender nose and exquisitely formed lips. All framed above by a neatly trimmed and combed mane. Light lit the girl from the right side leaving a tiny triangle of brightness on her left cheek. A substantial reflector softened any shadows so that her overall appearance was divine! The slender serpentine pieces of wood, crowned by ornately carved designs, flowed gently behind either shoulder. I must tell you readers, at first glance; the archivally taped jewel seems very simplistic. Having created a large number of portraits during my first professional career, I can assure you that great effort was taken to produce the visage of this enchanting subject! Original patina flows narrowly inside the oval brass mat. Three mold spiders are in the plain background. A complete leather case is waiting to be opened by the next owner.