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Sixth Plate


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FROM HIS COLLECTION. Casey handed me this deeply sunburned gent recently and asked me to offer him for sale. The restored sixth plate features a fellow who was obviously exposed to all sorts of elements while rocking on the decks of a sailing vessel. Note his small pair of hoops, one attached to each ear. It is difficult to judge the fellow?s age, but he was married. The ring on his finger was plainly visible and proudly displayed. I have read accounts of whaling and sailing the seven seas but until seeing a sailor who was actually there and studying his mile long stare plus that leathery complexion, can anyone really understand the misery and hardships that lot faced? There is one white deposit in the plain cloth drop above his shoulder. That came from glass decay. Other than a couple mold spiders and narrow patina the highly reflective surface is spotless. The cover of the man?s leather case is gone.