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Sixth Plate


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CONSERVATIVE PAIR! These two ladies from the mid-1840s were seated next to each and assumed identical poses when their resealed sixth plate was taken. Those plain dresses, lace collars and frilly under sleeves were very similar too. Each lady selected a decorative hair comb. While I believe that they were sisters, could they also have been twins. They seem about the same age. Studying the image closely, especially the reflections in their eyes, indicates that bright light bathed them from a very low angle entering the space from behind the camera, thus overexposing the lower third of the portrait. Secondary illumination came from a large reflector placed above them on the left side. That black shadow below the three dark dots is part of the image. A few mold mites are also visible. Their common 1845 geometric case is intact. The reflected depth is quite good for a rural effort.