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Handsome Character, Pair of Sixth Plate Dags


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SO CLOSE! He was a young handsome character, posed so darned close to the lens that his clear pale eyes light up his retaped sixth plate portrait. Don’t you love his red cheeks and sporty blue tie! As wonderful as he is, wait until you open the double compartment mother-of-pearl case that has a new leather spine and gaze upon his gorgeous wife’s miraculous visage. She was a BEAUTY in ANY era! The maker was so infatuated by the woman’s large brown eyes, smooth freckled skin, flaming red hair and delicious lips that he could not even properly apply blue pigment on her ribbon attached by a large ornate pin at her throat. The faint lines on the right side of her lovely face are barely noticeable. My detailed scans reveals many things I can’t see with my eyes even in the best of illumination. It’s the same with the harsh polishing marks on her husband’s likeness. There are mat abrasions on both surfaces plus fine patina. The gal’s dag has more brown and white spots than his. They are a marvelous pair!