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The richest tonality possible in a daguerreotype is the overriding impression I have of this superbly posed young woman, seated in an unseen chair. Her left elbow is placed upon a small table and she has tilted her head to delicately meet her fingers. The daguerreotypist created a very dreamy, cloud-like effect in the medium gray backdrop and the sitter’s small, intense, dark eyes pierce the misty veil around her. Obviously, this young woman is well educated and wealthy. Her wardrobe is sensational and quite fashionable for the mid-50s. I was quite surprised to observe heavy buff marks on this exceptional, resealed sixth plate, because the reflective depth and condition are excellent. There are a few miniscule black spots scattered around the drop, but they were probably impurities in the plate. This lovely lass is nestled in a glossy, near mint, black thermoplastic case, #272 in Krainik. There is a tiny chip in the upper left hand corner on the cover. The fabulous, burgundy velvet pad is embossed with an urn of flowers.