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Sixth Plate


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PINK!!!!! “Presented to S.J. Bondervant by W.H. Peeples November 28 1858” was written in the bottom of the handsome little boy’s mother of pearl and Japanned Black wooden and paper case. Two of the largest pieces of the M-O-P are missing from the basket of painted flowers; however when the repaired fancy cover is opened, that minor detriment is immediately forgotten. Standing in front of us is one of the cutest lads with straw colored hair that I have seen in an archivally taped sixth plate daguerreotype. He tilted his head and with a curious expression on his chubby face, watched the operator who stood near the camera. One hand was put flat on a table next to a concertina. A rather incongruous prop for the youngster, but it actually doesn’t detract from his magnificently illuminated multi-hued portrait. As the shimmering surface is rotated, those pigments intensify. My scan will only share one colorful aspect of the marvelous daguerreotype that has a few mold spiders. Lovely patina flows inside the late oval brass mat. If you desire to add a formal childhood portrait to your collection, made by a professional hand, please consider my youngster!