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Sixth Plate


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RICHNESS IN THE DARK! Reflected so well that even in the scan you see that white blouse duplicated in her sumptuous form fitting velvet jacket. Immediately after I opened the gal’s lovely leather case with a plain red silk pad opposite her I knew I would purchase the archivally done sixth plate. As I study the young wife, I still am uncertain . . . what is it about her that has caught my attention? (Sure some of you will say, “You knew you could make a profit”). No denying that, since staying in business demands making money. The woman’s milky white complexion and all those freckles plus her honest eyes and thin almost smiling lips provided pleasant contemplation. The daguerreian placed her off-center and balanced the composition with the position of the table and more importantly the arrangement of her arms and crossed hands. Swirling polishing marks are sometimes visible along with retarnish near the mat. Most of the white specks are not noticeable. Maybe a sharper eye than mine will be able to discern the title of the book near her elbow.