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Sixth Plate


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LOOKING FOR GOLD! This resealed sixth plate is actually quite fascinating since the inscription in the bottom of the lad?s separated leather case, written initially July 30 1854, might have been after the person received the dag that had been sent from California. Remember folks, Lorenzo Chase left his gallery in Boston and operated in San Francisco during a portion of 1852. In the past, I have seen one or two Chase dags that were definitively identified as having been taken in California! The case style, the brass protector and the brass mat on this example could certainly have been used that year. Amazing light from above lit the lad who was identified as William Colby Jr. His portrait does have scratches in the silver and patina hugging the edges of the scalloped mat. William?s likeness leaps off the polished surface! That slice of chair was painted blue and the subject?s flesh tones were tinted too. I just noticed that there was writing on the double-silvered reverse. ?went to Cal? was easiest to decipher. Much of the remainder was crossed out but still might be decipherable.