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Sixth Plate


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NOT WORN. Although the plastic case has a common theme, the chocolate brown color and the pristine pressed purple pad inside certainly provide a bonus if you consider adding this young mother and her son to your collection of sixth sized likenesses. That kid wore a dress with an extremely bold pattern and a fringe along the bottom. He really didn’t know where to place his chubby arms and hands while he watched the operator. His attractive mother sat apart from her diminutive son and gazed off in another direction almost oblivious to him and the entire operation. I guess she was confident that her boy wouldn’t misbehave during the exposure. Once the filthy glass was removed and a new archival seal was made, I noticed there are super fine vertical wipes seen at non-viewing angles. There is a white dot on mom’s arm and a few others elsewhere. Hints of colors still remain on their skin. Tarnish surrounds them.