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A Preacher, Sixth Plate Dag


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WHEN HE SPOKE . . . Moses came down from the mountaintop! The hallmark on the preacher’s medium weight sixth plate with flat sides and clipped corners is L.B.B. & Co 40 (circa 1842-44). The wide opening brass mat was rarely used after 1842 but I feel like this gent was taken in 1843 because his face was tinted and the intact leather case has a rare design that wasn’t generally used after 1843. The silver surface is beautiful and highly reflective for the period. That line to the right of his head is from the original polishing. The patina is nice and there are a couple brown spots. I should mention that the buff marks run in every direction with the maker not being quite sure which way was best. I haven’t conclusively decided if the upturned palm (signifying friendship in some circles) was a device chosen by the man or his maker while the silver was exposed to his corpulent figure. The serious subject had beady eyes and a determined expression yet he couldn’t remain motionless. Strange don’t you think? Being out of control even for a few seconds must have been his downfall.