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Sixth Plate


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CARESSED BY FOG! Now THAT would have been an even more remarkable triumph on silver if the atmospheric conditions created a softly flowing hazy cloud in the studio, while the daguerreotypist manipulated his illumination from directly overhead to capture the young beauty on his perfect sixth sized surface! I cannot tell you a lie folks. The vaporous mist was probably a chemical apparition added to the plate once her likeness was secured. The subject’s breasts were covered by fabric that was used by the operator when he created these types of dreamlike images. However, her knit cap keeping coils of thick dark hair in check, most likely was her own. The girl’s lovely round face and large dark eyes, dotted with highlights from above, when added to her petite lips permitted the teenager to project an interested yet innocent appearance. A substantial silver or golden chain with a cross and a smaller piece of jewelry hung around her elegant neck. The lass revealed bare shoulders and a portion of her flawless upper torso for the exposure. Brighter rouge then seen in my scan emphasizes her cheeks and lips. The contrast and tonality is also exceptional. Exquisite patina dulls down mat abrasions at the top and along the bottom of the portrait that is kept in a full leather case. Another hand than Casey’s made a new archival seal.