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Sixth Plate


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THE DAGUERREIAN . . . Didn’t take any chances, so he thought, in attempting to keep the squirming little lad wearing his clown costume (just kidding I’m sure mother thought it was an adorable outfit) by not only using an iron head clamp on the kid but he also belted him to the chair. Isn’t he the cutest little large eyed boy you have ever seen in a freshly sealed sixth plate likeness? I wonder if the very aggressive buffing permitted the operator to achieve those incredible blacks and wicked crisp whites? Consequently there is superlative reflected depth even against the mottled backdrop. Those parallel lines do show less harshly when the detached leather case cover is removed. Faint retarnish has come back inside the brass mat and there are a few mold mites plus a couple brown spots in the right side. His cheeks and lips still retain color.