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Sixth Plate


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ONCE AGAIN . . . A daguerreian operator (more familiar with creating portraits inside) was hired to make this idyllic scene reverberate on his doubly buffed sixth size silver receptacle. The results are visually arresting at first, since the wheels and seat of the men’s method of conveyance are seen in sharp detail along with the driver and the horse’s legs. The second seated chap and the gent standing in the center of the tableau are definitely out of focus. So is that substantial building on the right side of the view, which is a shame since there was a descriptive sign above the front door? The even more impressive buildings in the middle of the composition have better detail. That lovely sign says “Warren Hotel” above the prancing animal pulling a sulky. The letters underneath probably spell the name of the public house’s proprietor. There are several towns in New England with the name Warren. We are uncertain which Warren we are looking at. Another street lined with large buildings is visible in the background. Part of the hazy hillside was cleared fields while the dome was crowned with trees. Casey quickly removed a layer of brown tarnish and the surface brightened up by 50%. The contrast is exceptional and the reflected depth outstanding. Unfortunately, he could only hide part of the mat marks. We aren’t certain about the cause of the blue dots. You might wonder about those parallel white lines creeping over the roof near that largest whitewashed chimney. That was a ladder, most likely left there in case sparks started a conflagration on the wooden roof. Men would scurry up carrying water in leather fire buckets in an effort to douse the flames. I wouldn’t have desired the “top man on the ladder” position! The leather case has an unusual ornamental design on both covers and the spine was well repaired in the past.