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Sixth Plate


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EXTRA PIGMENTS. I have been asked numerous times if patrons who posed for their archivally sealed sixth plates had to pay extra coins to have such lavish applied colors done on the finished product. Honestly, I don’t ever recall reading any advertisements mentioning, “tinting would be an additional fee”. I do know definitively that primitive makers would lather on the colors to hide flaws on the surface. Certainly someone with such a deft hand as was used to embellish this thoughtful lady’s portrait would have taken great pride in his or her abilities. I am rather surprised that more than blush wasn’t added to her freckled face. Great contrast and deep depth along with all that paint will blast everyone’s eyes when they open the Boston style push button leather case. In spite of the gaudiness, the woman remained totally detached and dreamed of another place while her likeness was expertly taken. None of the white specks and flecks or those extremely faint marks above the table matter in her very professionally arranged dag. The needlework in her blouse is amazing.