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Sixth Plate


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MASONIC SYMBOL! First the gent scrutinized the operator, and then he locked his hands across his abdomen and clamped down on his jaws while lowering his steely stare aiming his eyes past the camera. I hope no one was directly in contact with that intense gaze! I have seen some other odd facial expressions in dags previously. There was a reason for the subject, who was obviously proud of his affiliation in a semi-secret society, to sit motionless and ramrod straight while the retaped sixth plate was executed. I really don’t know if that double-breasted jacket signified the man’s familiarity with the sea or was it simply stylish at the time he employed his maker? The fellow wasn’t a large person but his compact frame was solid rippling muscle underneath that buttoned coat! He certainly wasn’t some sort of roustabout; rather his appearance suggests a more refined guy who certainly was conscious of his appearance. When the leather cover is picked off the picture compartment each viewer will have an instantaneous impression, for good or bad. The illumination on his freckled face was exceptional. The black and white presentation is first rate. Yet the most remarkable technical aspect, aside from great depth, is the laser sharp focus. If you are in to counting freckles, I can’t recommend a likeness more highly. The white specks are harmless and there is a nearly invisible rub in the tarnish on the right side center against the edge of the mat.