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Sixth Plate


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SHE WASN’T ALONE! Looks like the couch was effectively used to fill space in the kid’s resealed sixth plate while I believe that shadow on the left was part of the child’s mother’s dress. You might notice that the tiny tot’s face is slightly soft in focus. The babe’s dress sleeves and from the middle of her head back, her hair becomes much sharper. Also her chest is blurry yet the bottom of the patterned cloth is clearer. The maker’s lens was poorly constructed and he didn’t lower the center of the optics enough (to better control the softness) when he placed the child’s image on silver. I like the kid regardless of the inferior focus because she stood patiently even though her teeny scrunched up mouth suggests she was unhappy. A large mold area is near the patina at the bottom. The surface is in great condition and when the nice leather case is opened, she just might speak to the next collector.