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Sixth Plate


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THE DOCILE BOY. He surely was mamma’s favorite son and privileged enough to have had his wonderful likeness done in sixth plate size. Casey has made a new archival seal so that we are permitted to admire the lad through new glass. Because the sleeves of his jacket are rolled up the kid’s arm I think he wasn’t the first male in his family to have worn that particular piece of clothing. Someone gathered the fabric in the back to create the appearance of a decent fit. Although he moved his handsome face during the exposure, the excellent light that bathed his features and those intelligent dark eyes can’t be overlooked. The crispness of the focus is also impressive plus the depth of the reflectiveness. Wide swathes of tarnish flank him and there is one brown circle seen in the negative on his sleeve. This dag wouldn’t be for everyone because it has an odd yet compelling quality. Only the bottom of his leather case is present.