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Sixth Plate


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HER HEALTHY CHILDREN. Sixth plate daguerreotypes of deceased children seem to be a popular subject in the resealed dag marketplace once again, but make no mistake here. Mom is holding her healthy sleeping son while her older boy sat next to her, with a lean towards her because he was very suspicious of their visit to the daguerreotypist. Really, most children must have been awestruck by the event, especially when a man they didn’t know walked behind them and began adjusting a cold iron clamp to their heads! The woman kept her composure while the man worked behind his camera, talking to the lad directly to keep his attention. Everyone must have been delighted with the deeply holographic result that is nestled inside a fine leather case that has a bright blue velvet pillow opposite the family. A beautiful impression of A Maiden Scattering Roses is on both covers. Colorful patina traces the undulations of the brass mat. Excellent contrast and mint condition add to the overall perfection of their masterwork!