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Sixth Plate


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FRIENDS FOREVER! A pair of young gals with similar facial features would strongly hint at their blood relationship. The sisters sat together with arms around each other and watch ed the operator perform his task of taking at least one sixth plate that has been retaped. Strong light passed over his right shoulder to brightly bathe the girls. The mid-tones are quite impressive and the contrast is more than acceptable. I am trying to explain (to myself) why there is a soft spot on the woman’s face and part of her torso on the left while her younger sibling is much sharper. They appear seated on the same plane and equidistance from the plate in the camera. Pale red rouge was used to brighten their cheeks and lips, while gold was added to emphasize brooches, earrings and one ring. A thin solitary dark line is seen between them and a mat scrape touched the older sister’s arm on the left. The cover is missing from the leather case.