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Sixth Plate


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CONTRAST! What was his rush to have this holographic sixth plate that has a new archival seal taken? The fellow must have leaped into his clothes and dashed to the nearest extremely competent daguerreian and sat while his visage was recorded on an even now nearly perfect surface. Strong daylight bathed the right side of his rugged unshaven face, touched with a bit of red blush as a last step in finishing the image, and a white wall or board on the left softened the shadows. His mouth was friendly enough yet those dark chocolate eyes were cast beyond the camera and possibly out the door of the room, where the fellow needed to be. Sitting still for a few seconds was one thing, but I get the sensation that the guy leaped off the chair immediately after the lens was capped! There was energy in the gent’s demeanor that traveled through time for us to observe. Superbly reflective and touched with scattered patina along with excellent contrast makes the piece worthy of any collection of fine male portraits. The cover of the leather case is missing.