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Sixth Plate


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LOCKS OF HER HAIR . . . have been perfectly preserved in the sixth sized case. They were woven into a tiny wreath and held together with a robin’s egg blue ribbon. The perky gal wore many piece of golden jewelry and unfortunately, at one angle, it is obvious that each painted gem has bled. Yet, at the best viewing perspective, the blemishes disappear and we can enjoy the beauty of the sitter and the fantastic technical magic of the resealed triumph. She calmly sat before the camera and observed the man through radiant, dark eyes, while her fleshy lips were lightly closed. Freckles dot the surface of her pale skin. The tablecloth was colored blue, but successive layers of rainbow patina add red and green to the fabric and sweep around the lass. She received an exceptional work of chemistry in the art of making a daguerreotype. The hair is in an archival sleeve under the resealed image, which lies in a leather case.