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Sixth Plate


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WHAT A BACK DROP! I just can’t help myself! Did the woman SEE that painting behind her when she walked into the operating room before she sat for her redone sixth plate dag? Unless she was blind, and with piercing eyes like her dark orbs, I don’t think her vision was impaired, how come she permitted the maker to use it? Maybe this likeness was a freebee or could she have been the artist? I see the tree stump, the tropical greenery and the flowing drapery (or was it a highly stylized waterfall)! There also might have been a few clouds dotting the open sky. There should be more my mind tells me, but there is not! I’m baffled . . . unless the work of art (hee hee) signified a sign of secrecy. The gal was lit by fairly even lighting. The man behind the camera gave her pale complexion a bounce by painting her face with pigments. A mystery from the past with a few minuscule green pinpricks on the right side near the mat and an orange dot upper right along with some tiny mold spiders. The hazy blur above her head is tarnish. A later poorly repaired leather case contains the lass who wore a teeny heart shaped golden trinket between her breasts.