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Sixth Plate


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WORE HER WHITE GLOVES! Yes, the older woman was stepping out after she calmly sat still for a sixth plate likeness made circa 1849. She wore a dark dress, intricate day cap and a fancy piece of jewelry on her lace collar that her maker chose to paint with gold. Would she have shown off the marvelous holographic image to everyone she met afterwards? Or was this a special gift to her life long companion. That was a large covered table with books on top next to her and it served adequately as a resting place for the lady’s arm. The leather case is intact and rather ordinary but the plush velvet purple pad inside was embossed with a central theme showing a winged cupid and a butterfly surrounded with outstanding scrollwork that I had not previously seen. The blue circle and those mold spiders in the emptiness around the friendly matron are insignificant!