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Sixth Plate


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AN ?M? NOTCH. The fantastic fellow was a sixth plate that has been professionally conserved. The gentleman visited an operator who was already performing at the apex of his career when he executed this stellar portrait circa 1844. In actuality, his client?s likeness was a triumphant masterwork on silver. The term ?M? notch referred to a ?fashion statement? on a man?s jacket that was placed on the lapel. Mr. Martin Kamer, our dear friend who is an expert on fashion wrote in answer to my query about this specific style, ?The date for your dag is completely correct. The ?M? notch was in use from about 1816 to the mid-1850s. After the late 1840s, it was out of date and old fashioned. This gent was at the height of elegance. The collar was not very high at the neck anymore and the tight sleeve with the one button on the cuff undone was the last thing in chic! Also, the way the sleeve was mounted high on the shoulder with a bit of fullness was perfect for the early to mid-1840s.? Inspirational light lit the fellow with outstanding perfection. The preparation of the silver was of the highest quality. It is plain to see that the contrast, tonality and focus were all excellent. The subject was extraordinarily comfortable in front of the camera. His sparkling eyes and pleasant smile exuded self-satisfaction at being taken. The unusual design stamped on the surface of the brass octagonal mat was only popular a couple of years, circa 1843-1844. The leather case has a repaired leather spine and the design on the velvet pad inside was absolutely unique! Original patina and a few brown spots are on the surface. The depth is completely holographic!!!