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Sixth Plate


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A CLIENT NEVER KNEW . . . What the results would be when they hired Rufus Anson or one of his operators to make a retaped sixth plate in the studio located at 589 Broadway in NYC. The shop was extremely prolific and made dags well into the 1860s. Curiously, almost ever dag with an ANSON hallmark, usually seen with a second different plate maker’s mark, has not aged well, with green spots being the most common flaw. Contrary to what I just stated, this young lady’s silver only has weird spots of tarnish. I believe that the person focusing the camera didn’t realize that the depth of field would not cover the gal’s pretty face. Too bad because her costume is wonderful, the tones and contrast are well done and her pose is different in a pleasant way. There is a tiny crimp in the surface near the left side of her head. The complete leather case has an ordinary design.