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Sixth Plate


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TELLTALE EARRING. The more I examine the pleasing sixth plate of the attractive young woman, the more I wonder why Rufus Anson, the operator, had the dear girl place her hand to her cheek with the long earring covering one of her fingers? It seems to me that it might have been more sensible for that ring to remain unseen. I also wish that he took a second shot (and I owned it) of the same subject with her dark veil worn over her lovely face. The diagonal lines created by her arms and the folds in the tablecloth all work to force our gaze upwards, across her bosom and upon the lass’s lovely face. She watched Anson beside the camera and kept a very pleasant expression on her face. Typical of Anson plates, there is moderate patina and spots and dots on the resealed surface, including a meaningless green protrusion just above his name stamped in the lower left corner. The whole leather case has a repaired hinge and Anson, 589 Broadway, NY was also steam pressed into the faded red velvet pad. All the lady’s jewelry was touched with gold and the red dot on her cheek was caused by an imperfection in the rouge.