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Sixth Plate


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A TRIPLE EXPOSURE! Hmmm . . . the gent loved the lady with such ferocity that he wanted to be captured on a retaped sixth plate in between her countenances. No problem thought the daguerreotypist. He sat the lady on the left and exposed one-third of the plate. Then it was his client?s turn. Both sides were covered and the center recorded his visage! Finally only the right portion of the piece was revealed to the lens and there was the lass once again. This is the first time that Erin, Casey and I have seen a likeness reproduced in this fashion. While I made it sound simple, certainly there would have been some gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, when the operator was first approached to produce this concept. I must say that he did a remarkable job. The fresh-faced lady?s flesh tone was much more pale then her sunburned companion. His steely eyes watched the man intently when he sat for his position in the center. Oxidation and teeny mat marks are inside the brass surround. The wipes were created during the aging process by a person ignorant of the delicacy of the silvery surface. The complete leather case has a variant of the Delicate Roses theme circa 1847. The rarity of the dag can?t be overstated!