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Sixth Plate


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WHAT WASN’T USED . . . Tells the entire tale! Look closely between the brother (he would be on the left) and his sister. See that piece of curved iron with the adjustment screw above the back of the chair. Were these adorable children so recalcitrant that the maker was unable to place a head restraint on at least one of them? Both kids certainly bobbed while the exposure was taken during their brief seconds sitting for a wonderful sixth plate that has a new archival seal. This certainly is an example taken in a small town most likely by a rural daguerreian or an itinerant. The space was compact and the give away was the overlapped furniture. Adequate technical skills are reflected in their silver treasure. The children, being natural and showing their discomfiture in front of the camera, are the strength of the likeness that is kept in a nice leather case circa 1847 with a Delicate Roses theme. Inside the separated box is a printed advertising label for William Shew. Bold oxidation is inside the brass mat and there are a couple mold spiders visible.