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Sixth Plate


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IF ONLY JOHN KNEW! When I initially removed the chubby gal, who had been placed on a table with her feet resting on the seat of a wooden chair, I noted very old if not original paper seals and “Wm. W. Sullivan” stamped in ink multiple times in the bottom of her intact leather case. I referenced that name in John Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and he listed one Sullivan without even a first initial. That man worked in a partnership with Lamartine (no first name) making likenesses in a “boat on the Muskingham River circa 1851”. I know, I’m really stretching my own imagination as I look at the sky lit child staring back at me. The wholesome girl might have been on the verge of tears, what with the boat rocking and the man ordering her to put her hand and arm across the back of the furniture. You have to admit that there IS evidence that the maker(s) while highly skilled technically lacked the facility to deal with kids that was commonplace in larger galleries. Thick bands of patina pulsate inwards from the fancy brass mat. There are a few latent brown ovals, upper right, seen when the kid’s tinted face is turned to negative. A complete sixth size leather case adds to the package.