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Sixth Plate


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FUNKY TINTING! Is there ANY question about the relationship of mother and daughter sitting together for a brightly colored wonderfully human sixth plate portrait that was resealed by another person? Not only did the little girl mimic mom sitting with her shoulders back and chin angled down, but I also think they both held their breath while the dag man counted off the seconds. The operator didn’t hesitate to use his entire palette of paints when he accentuated the tablecloth, that decorative dag case and the child’s gaudy flowers that might not really have been there. He also found some gold and applied that too. Finally, their flesh tones underwent the naive artist’s brush! Note that the woman wore her ring on her middle finger. Don’t think I’m going any further with that thought. The millisecond after I opened their later wood and pressed paper case that has a missing latch, I knew I HAD to OWN the pair. Spotty patina is visible around them. The vertical dark line on the right is part of the background. There are teeny mat abrasions along the bottom. The next collector will love the rather rural primitiveness of their likeness!