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Sixth Plate


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PRIM POLLY OF PERRY. Once again, an itinerant daguerreotypist stopped long enough in Perry, Ohio, about 1851, to record on sixth plates, various people from the immediate area. One of them was Miss Polly Young. The unknown shooter hung his dark drop opposite a large widow and proceeded to set his camera in front of his light source. He placed a large white reflector cloth, just visible in the shadow, on the left side, near a cloth covered table. When miss Polly appeared, he ushered her onto a small chair and with a stroke of genius, suggested that she lean on her elbow (that rested on the table) then touch her cheek delicately with her fingers. Because that forced her head downwards her eyes playfully flirted with the lens as she looked up into the finely polished glass. The strong patterns in her dress jump out from the darkness. Healthy tarnish and some mat scrapes are visible inside the octagon. The resealed piece has a few teeny mold dots; otherwise the plate is great. The original case has a bouquet of flowers and a broken spine.