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Sixth Plate


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TOO YOUNG? Either the very attractive lass was shown with her younger siblings or else she drank from “the fountain of youth” early and often. She wore two rings on her right hand. (Naturally it would have been her left hand since most daguerreotypes are laterally reversed as we view them). One of them might have been a wedding band. She still could be their married older sister. Her wrist was circled with a finely woven daguerreian hair bracelet and both gals had miniature hearts between their breasts. Jasper, over on the right hooked his thumb inside his tight fitting jacket. The angles of both female’s arms and the diagonal line of the head heights produced an interesting composition, ending with the older gal’s hand on his shoulder. The maker had a keen sense of balance and his technical competence was impressive. Truly though, buy the resealed sixth plate for the beauty in the middle. She has a very seductive quality. The patina is attractive and the mold spiders don’t impair the trio. The bottom of a fancy leather case remains.