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Sixth Plate


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WHERE’S ME PARROT? His crusty face might have been permanently etched by the sun and salt spray while he drove his crews hard in search for the great whales that would have been caught, sliced, diced and boiled. The profits would have been divided to line everyone’s pockets with coins. What else COULD this man, with a frozen frown on his coarse mouth have done in life? A hardscrabble farmer wouldn’t have owned a double breasted jacket or worn a black tie for his formal sixth plate resealed dag. Nope this man walked the decks of a ship from the time he was 8 or 10 years old, first serving as a cabin boy and rising to command a significant sailing vessel. The surface has various flotsam and jetsam on the silver. That mark on his barely tinted cheeks was part of his skin. Kept in a very worn common complete leather case, the captain has superior reflected depth!