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Sixth Plate


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UNUSUAL AND RARE! Two handsome strong character studies were posed side by side horizontally on an archivally restored sixth size daguerreotype in the late 1850s! And they were vignetted! The quality of this impressive portrait can?t be overstated! The dazzling use of overhead illumination vividly sculpted each gent?s face thus creating such a 3-D effect that they have lifelike qualities even today! In fact, the man on the left might have stopped in mid-sentence when their highly competent maker announced the commencement of the exposure. The chap?s bright eyes glistened with intelligence! His companion?s appearance was rugged and no nonsense. Naturally, I really wonder who these men were? The brass mat, brass protector and spectacular thermoplastic case that had rounded exterior corners and an uncommon geometric design are all in excellent condition. The re-cleaned surface of the holographic mirror has very faint pale circles (about half a dozen) caused by contaminants in the original glass. Honestly readers, unless you really try to find them, they will remain unseen. The quality of the image and the entire presentation is outstanding!