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Sixth Plate


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A BRAWLER? Who would have thought that this beefy boy with the long flowing locks would have been involved in fisticuffs? Sure maybe that U-shaped scar on his cheek, almost hidden in the shadow, was a result of his horse nicking his round face with a shoe while he was examining the animal’s hoof. Although now I wonder because I have examined the dude’s eyes closely and there seems to be a hint of malice while he posed and filled the frame of his sixth plate that was recleaned to remove a pair of large unsightly brown spots before a new seal was made. The pin he wore on his lapel resembles a skull rotated at an angle. Surely he couldn’t have been ONE of THOSE men, a member of a secret group pledged to wreak havoc in society? There are mat scuffs upper right, some scum residue across his chest and all those white dots were trapped in the layer of gold chloride when the dag was finished. In bright light, as I admire the wonderful contrast and deep depth I can’t see any of them without using a loupe and even then, they all are nearly invisible. The intact leather case has an uncommon theme, two lilies surrounded by an intertwined rope border and fancy curlicues. A deep red cushy pad was nicely embossed too.