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Sixth Plate


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BIRD ON A BRANCH. That was the decoration, probably embossed with gold leaf, on the book’s cover given to the boy who was seated next to a table that displayed a larger tome on the tinted cloth! It is obvious that the lad was not overly pleased with his plight the day the retaped sixth size portrait was taken. He followed instructions almost perfectly but I KNOW he was uncomfortable as he waited for his first daguerreotype to be completed. Either he had the mumps or he was holding his breath. His tiny down turned lips silently screamed out his displeasure. Think back when you where children. Were YOU ever dragged off to Sears to have YOUR image taken? Things haven’t changed all that much. The surface is wrinkled in several places when the plate was crimped during the process. The marks are invisible unless you seek to see them. There is splotchy tarnish on the cunning kid. His whole leather case is fine.