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Sixth Plate


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SHE WAS DEMURE. And possibly somewhat startled since the daguerreotypist began the countdown before the cute gal had the opportunity to completely compose herself for that wonderful event (her friends who had been taken assured her it was so) of having a retaped sixth plate portrait made. She was a simple soul who had a wedding band gilded in gold on her proper finger. Do you think her maker used a reversing prism, or might this be a copy dag? Neither case I say. He asked her to remove the ring, place it on the other hand so it would appear as correct. Red rouge gave her cheeks some “life” and bright blue pigment was painted on the tablecloth. Tarnish also adds more hues. There are a few white specks and several faint mold mites. Inside her leather case that has a weak hinge is a fine imprinted purple pad and a red velvet liner.