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Sixth Plate


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NO CHANCE! Even on my best scanning day, it wouldn’t be possible to duplicate the intense holographic depth and superb tinting that an unknown daguerreotypist created for the lady who visited his studio in the mid-1850s. Not only was the retaped sixth size subject, who spent hours primping and dressing for the occasion, perfectly posed to show us to her best advantage that stern face with a pout on her puffy lips, but also the delicate lace creeping out from under a voluminous Bishop sleeve accented with bands of black velvet. Then, after developing the masterwork and realizing that he had succeeded to a level of perfection that would have fleeting, the man or an assistant picked many of the woman’s jewels. Gold accentuated her cross (for she was a pious gal), the slender chain and one ring. Only the next owner will be amazed as I was when he or she opens the awesome brown thermoplastic case. Two visible mold spiders won’t lessen your love of the lass. Moderate patina courses the fancy mat shape.