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Sixth Plate


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NOW I KNOW. I wonder if that weird elongated triangular shadow stretching from the subject’s ear beyond the edge of the double elliptical brass mat on the right side had any direct correlation to the gent’s brilliant set of bright blue eyes? Were inspirational ideas being finely focused into his cerebral cortex thus enlightening his thought process to a higher level? Okay, so I’m having fun on a sunny and blustery late autumn afternoon. I really don’t know WHY the gent’s orbs nearly jumped out of their sockets during the exposure of his splendid resealed sixth size dag. Every element of greatness in a mirrored image is revealed upon opening a complete leather case that has a common design, circa 1851. Illumination streamed into the room through a large window that was opposite the fellow’s remarkable face! The daguerreian’s polishing skills combined with his ability to obtain magnificent contrast worked harmoniously to manufacture an extra dimension of reflected depth! A subtle touch of rouge on the sitter’s cheeks made the man lifelike and even after 160 years, his likeness is pristine.