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Sixth Plate


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“REIMER’S GALLERY . . . 397 N.2nd AB Green Philadelphia” was pressed into a bright burgundy cushion inside the intact Philadelphia style whole leather case. The wide-eyed wary boy (well, wouldn’t you be uncertain if YOU had to wear that dainty fringed wide tie) sat still for his newly sealed sixth plate. Can’t you feel his tightly bound insides ready to burst into energy the instance the cap covered the lens? Maybe I am being optically challenged or simply imagining it. It could be because the kid leaned away from the back of the chair or maybe he wasn’t totally with it having to rest his arm next to that basket of tinted posies. What was his mother thinking??? A father never would have permitted such an arrangement. This is a dag that is fun to examine. Soft tones, wonderful contrast and depth plus the flowing folds in the cloth give us different aspects to view. Light brown tarnish is inside the oval mat and to the left of the lad’s head. The condition is exceptional. As always, I cannot say with 100% certainty that the image and case have always been together. I do not know Reimer’s body of daguerreotypes well enough. This is how I purchased the plate.