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Sixth Plate


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JOHN W. GLAUS. The boy’s name was written in pencil on a small scrap of paper that is kept underneath his archivally sealed sixth plate that was quickly recleaned to remove tarnish that obscured 90% of silvered surface. A printed label “From H. Studley’s Miniature Case Manufactory Corner of Court and Hanover Sts. Boston” was pasted in the bottom of the lad’s complete (but with a very weak hinge) leather case. A classic variant of the Delicate Roses theme circa 1847 holds this enigmatic child who held a tiny whip in his hands. I am at a loss to explain the myriad of teeny white flecks on the surface. However I am more confident in suggesting that the ghostly light marks in the upper left was actually one of his parent’s hands. Think about this as you study his face. Not the cherubic type but more inclined to having been a little rascal don’t you think? By the way, the soft center of the portrait with sharpness in John’s hair, the chair and outer edges of his clothes happened because the maker used a poorly ground set of lenses. The next owner of young Mr. Glaus will be pleasantly surprised to find that the condition is much better then seen in this scan. In fact, the illumination from almost directly above the child is very impressive as is the tonality.