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Sixth Plate


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RUBY RED! Honestly, even when I KNOW the overall appearance of a freshly sealed sixth plate would have looked better if the silver was rapidly recleaned . . . I think the possibilities through and rarely ask Casey to do more than apply our conservative archival approach when he restores daguerreotypes. I KNEW that all the weird patina would have easily disappeared, BUT one of the triumphs in this oddly posed baby’s likeness is the fine flesh tones and those brightly colored lips. The child stills seems alive and cuddly today. Although the tiny subject was placed in a black leather push button Boston style case, I do not believe that either S&H or John Whipple were the makers. The plate was not electroplated with a second layer of silver for one thing. And I can’t imagine that either firm would have daguerreotyped the tyke from that strange camera angle, having such a large piece of an armchair in the foreground. The fluted wood doesn’t resemble any of the chairs I am familiar with from their galleries or any of the better Boston daguerreotypists firms. While the babe bounced one hand the other one was firmly pressed against the padded seat. The reflectance is brilliant and almost pinpoint light lit the youngster. A few random brown spots are most visible when the glorious mirror is turned to the negative. All in all, a coquettish babe with character that wasn’t over whelmed by the wood and fabric! None of the teeny dots are any concern. And I nearly forgot to mention the explosive holographic brilliance!