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Sixth Plate


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HE AND HIS BOYS. As I have explained many times previously, having knowledge that tarnish can be removed to “improve” a redone sixth plate dag can only be learned, not casually assumed. Knowing when NOT TO CLEAN takes much more accumulated discipline and information. Whenever any moisture touches the fragile layer of silver clad to copper, disastrous possibilities can happen. Although the lad on the right has patina on his tinted face I felt that even the quickest effort at removal would have diminished the color of his baby brother’s blue dress and the remainder of all the flesh tones. Isn’t the lads’ dad proud, sitting with his two boys? One hand to keep the younger kid still and an arm and hand draped over the back of the chair to reassure his elder child. The man, along with his sons watched the daguerreian as he produced their image. Aside from that mold spider on the man’s wrist and the oxidation their likeness looks fine when the complete leather case with a common floral design is opened.